About Us

We are Inamilli

All the creators, designers and artisans are interlocked on the same eco-responsible and fair-trade based structure.

Marjorie MICHEL, Nicolas PACHECO O. and Mauricio OSTRIA are the co-founders of INAMILLI.

Living in La Paz Bolivia, they come originally from Bolivia and France. Their collaboration was born naturally when they met in Paris as university students.

Oscillating between the Latin-American and French culture, they decided to engage in the INAMILLI Project with the aim of promoting Bolivian designers and artisans by personalizing each creation and valuing every person involved in its production process. From recycled objects to handcrafts, comprising the Bio-friendly and Fair Trade, INAMILLI selects and brings to light many designers and artisans dedicated to fashion, jewelry, Art Deco and more.

The founders of INAMILLI thought of every detail: our online boutique was born from a minimalist mindset and offers a bohemian, ethnic and responsible trend, truly inspired by the Andean and Amazonian traditions of Bolivia.

Fair and Responsible Trade

INAMILLI wishes to expand your outlook on the Andean and Amazonian traditions, long preserved by many artisans in Bolivia and now harmonized with the modern vision of talented creators. Each of them carefully chosen for the quality and uniqueness of their designs.

Mindfully picking the materials created by these poorly known populations, INAMILLI partakes on the preservation of their traditions while offering its clientele limited or even unique articles, hand-made by local artisans.

Furthering a precious heritage, our products are intended for those seeking quality and originality, while consuming in a fair and responsible manner.

Let us all protect the traditions and the artisans that created our products!

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