Alpaca Open Poncho

Alpaca Open Poncho


Insanely warm statement-making open poncho. Soft alpaca wool cut in an oversized shape.

Material: 100% Alpaca Wool
Colours: Black & White
Size: Unique

Designed by ART’SOL

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Meeting with Simon
One day I went to Simon’s home in El Alto at nine. He picked me up in his VW bug when I got off the aerial tramway that takes you from the city of La Paz to El Alto in 10 minutes. Thanks to his courage and willpower, Simon managed to build a quite large, comfortable home in this city that is considered one of the poorest on the continent.

Simon began weaving at the beginning of the nineties. He started to work in a weaving workshop that had a shop on Sagarnaga Street, the street most frequented by tourists in the city of La Paz.
Once he learned more techniques, he started working for himself and set up his own store on Sagarnaga Street. Demand increased more and more, so little by little he gathered a group of weavers.

Change in his business
Simon turned his business around when, in 2009, a German advisor, paid for by the German aid agency GTZ, came to La Paz. She taught him design and marketing. This is how he starting doing business with a German company. Now Simon has more than 20 workshops, twenty use a manual machine and 5 weave by hand.

Responsible Trade
People who work for Simon charge more than usual because of their quality work (up to $15 for a sweater that sells for $45). They are happy because they don’t have to pay in advance for raw material; they have secure, regular work.

Every day, Simon gets requests from people that want to work with him.



Remedios and Myriam are two craftswomen who only work for Simon. They began weaving as children, and they both define themselves a “cholitas” (women who wear traditional attire) and tell me that most of the women like them (who represent the identity of the La Paz people and have worn the same costume throughout history) weave from childhood.

Myriam comes from a town in a province of the Department of La Paz and as a young girl came to the city seeking work.
Remedios is from the city of La Paz.

How they met Simon:
R: Two and a half years – introduced by Simon’s younger brother
M: Five years ago – introduced by a friend.
The “Bonus” from their collaborations with Simon:

They prefer to work for Simon as contractors.
They learned to work better, weaving more elaborate garments.
They do not invest in raw material.
They have regular, secure work.
Their work is reflected by their salary.
Their work is valued due to its export.
They learn new weaving techniques.


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