Kid’s T-Shirt “Cholita” – Navy Blue


Kid’s T-Shirt “Cholita” – Navy Blue


The llamita t-shirt should be a big part of every kid’s’ wardrobe. It wears rough and tough for kids who play the same way. Ideal for playing outside or sitting quietly doing homework. Optimized for vibrant print results.

Made out of Cotton and Lycra in different sizes and colors!


Available in: pink/old indian – pink/cholita – aqua blue/cholita – grey/llama – black/llama – navy blue/cholita – brown/old indian – brown/tantawawa – pink/tantawawa.


Designed by GUARIDA.


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GUARIDA By Verónica Zelaya
Guarida was established in the Bolivian market in 2009. They design and make clothing and accessories for women and children. They work in cotton Lycra making handcrafted stamps like silk screening, sublimation and appliqués. GUARIDA is always on the cutting edge, creating and inventing original designs for unique, warm and free clothing with its own style, personality and happiness.
GUARIDA´s inspiration is people’s day-to-day life, the universe, feelings (of all kinds), nature, art, emotions, pleasures, the 5 senses and all objects in general.
GUARIDA´s bonus is the reuse of waste fabric to continue creating new products whether as accessories or clothing.
The designer: Verónica Zelaya R. La Paz, 34, studied in Buenos Aires, Argentina for her technical degree in Clothing Design. At the same time she took some workshops like etching purses, techniques for stamping such as silk screening, sublimation and shape wear, etc.



Specialty: Dressmaking by machine
History: Paola always liked to sew. She has been working as a seamstress for 8 years. She went to Argentina to a textile factory, like many Bolivians, with the hope of earning more money. There she learned to work better, but she realized that they did not treat people well. They were all undocumented workers and and all they did is work. They didn’t have any days off. She decided to return to Bolivia for a better life. Now she has time for herself and her family.
She has had her own studio and works for different people since she returned to Bolivia.
How she met Veronica:
For six months they have been working together since they met through a mutual friend.
She works 3 days a week with Veronica who gives her steady work. The two women’s relationship is based on great trust.
The bonus from her collaboration with Veronica:
The trust between Veronica and Paola allows Paola to manage her time according to her own personal or professional priorities. Paola also gets experience with Veronica. Before, she only sewed jeans. Now she can sew more elaborate and fine clothing.
Paola always does a good job. She is very reliable and we are happy to collaborate with her at Guarida“, says Veronica.



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