Sweater Dress – Dark Green

Sweater Dress – Dark Green


The perfect short sleeve dress in a retro-modern knit, in Alpaca wool fabrication. Cut at mid-thigh + topped with a crew neck.

Material: 100% Alpaca Wool
Sizes: S-M / M-L
Available in: Dark Green – Grey

Designed by UNIQUE

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Maria Calzadilla is the designer for her own UNIQUE brand of clothing and accessories. She designs each article seeking to marry a modern design to ancestral clothing- and accessory-making techniques.

UNIQUE was created to recognize the Bolivian artisan and natural materials used for thousands of years in Bolivia, like llama fiber, alpaca fiber, cotton…

Simplicity, minimalism, a touch of the latest and a very subtle touch of the ethnic are the main characteristics of UNIQUE.


She uses the Brother manual knitting machine.

Before working as a knitter, she worked as a secretary in order to take care of her children and only knitted for herself.

How she met Maria:
She´s been working with Maria for 8 years. They met through an Italian NGO project. One of the NGO´s coordinators came to see Maria and asked her if she could introduce Lidia. Maria needed a trustworthy person to support her in her business. It worked out. Lidia only works for Maria.

The “bonus” from her collaboration with Veronica:
Maria has taught her to make finer, more detailed things.
She works at home and thus has time for her family and manages her time for her convenience.
Lidia is very committed to her work and a very reliable knitter.


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